Network for resistance of violence against women

Our project aims at putting an end to violence against women. This will take place by making different groups of society aware of the danger of this phenomenon and its impact, not only on women but also on the family particularly and the society in general.
We also want to empower women to resist this violence, by making them aware of their rights as human beings as well as of laws supporting them. We also want to make researches and studies on laws concerning violence against women and mechanisms to enforce them. These studies will also point out the shortcomings in certain laws and suggest reforming these laws or enforce others that prove to support women concerning violence against women.
Duration of the activity:
Duration of the project: 16 months .
Beginning of the project: October 15th, 2003 .
End of the project: February 15th, 2005 .
Center of NGO services .
Geographic area of the activity:
The Alliance for Arab women will network with 4 organizations of the public network of the Alliance in 4 different governerates:Cairo-Alexandria-Menya-Dakahleya.
The development case of the project:
Violence against women is a serious problem that had for a long time been left undiscussed and neglected . But several societies started talking openly about violence against women. This raised the awareness of the issue, its dangers and the importance of fighting against it and putting an end to it.

The case:
Creating a network of NGO's for resisting violence against women, in cooperation with the central alliance, which aims at researching and studying laws concerning violence against women and the mechanisms of implementing them, while pointing out the shortcomings in certain laws and try to reform these laws and empower other laws that serve to put an end to the phenomenon of violence. So we chose the laws of the following crimes:
Honor cases
Adultery cases
Rape cases

Management of the project:

We chose a board of directors, from the participant organizations in the network, to put a syllabus of how to manage the network and follow up with the implementation Of the activities that state its perspective and goals.

Expected results of the project:

Reducing cases of violent actions against women through:
-Empowering women to be able to resist violent attacks being taken against them by making them aware of their rights as human beings and of their rights in law.
-Achieving gender equality in punishments concerning adultery, honor and rape and taking real harsh measurements.
-Strengthening the mechanisms concerning resisting violence and taking harsh measures towards whoever commits violent crimes to women.
-Reaching more just penalty in laws concerning adultery, honor, rape etcstopping such violent attacks from taking place.
-Taking harsh measures in those cases, especially children's rape
-Making different parts of society aware of the problem and its impact on women, families and society on the whole.
We could achieve this awareness through schools or public speeches;in this case we could have a public base and community leaders which will help us in continuing with the network and spread its idea.
-Mentioning the subject of violence against female children and girls in the school curriculum.
-Joining efforts of all interested people and intellectuals and shed the light on this issue .
Gathering all of the NGO's that are committed to resisting violence against women in order to strengthen the network of violence resistance and put an end to it.

The organizations engaged in the project:

The center for Egyptian women's legal assistance foundation:
Cewla has taken the case of violence resistance against women on its shoulders, this goes back to the fact that Cewla has from the beginning decided to fight women's circumcision and honor crimes in general.
Organization for family planning-Alexandria:
This organization is working on making women aware of different social issues and on finding a positive solution to face FGM and to raise their environmental awareness and political participation and legal awareness.
Alliance for Arab women:Menya
The organization provides a Hotline service;any women who were attacked are entitled to support, help and shelter by this organization;
Organization for legal aid for constitutional rights:
One of the main committees of women's rights organizations, it has been working sine 2000 in issues concerning women and supporting women legally in front of court.
This organization counts as a member of the NGO's network following the Alliance for Arab Women to implement the Beijing Convention, this organization is also a member of the CEDAW coalition and they report the latest news concerning violence against women to the CEDAW coalition.

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